Help us plant a million mangrove trees.

Planting mangrove trees has a huge impact. It stores carbon, cleans water and protects coastlines.  Each tree planted achieves the same positive results as planting 4-10 normal trees.  

How it works

Local impact with global benefits

Coastlines and communities are battered by frequent typhoons in the Philippines. Planting mangrove trees prevents flooding, storm damage and saves lives. Each mangrove tree also traps several inches of sediment yeah year, helping to create clean water for coral reefs and allows fisherfolk to provide for their families.  Globally, mangrove trees are at least four times better than any other tree at capturing and storing carbon.  If you want to help our planet, nothing gives you better bang for the buck than planting mangroves.   

Choose your plan

choose your mangrove trees planting plan

You can choose to plant monthly or just the once, whatever works best for you.

Follow your trees

follow your mangrove trees

You’ll receive the GPS coordinates and a photo of the trees you plant in your dashboard.

Offset your footprint

calculate your carbon footprint

Calculate your carbon footprint and see how many trees it takes to be carbon neutral!


Plant mangrove trees.
Support local communities.

To plant mangroves we work closely with marginalised fisherfolk and women's groups to help tend nurseries and do the final outplanting. Aside from earning a fair salary and helping nature right away, forest projects are generally set up so that the mangroves will continue to provide further economic help to the community in the future through ecotourism or alternative livelihoods in the mangrove.
papsimco community projects


We have worked with the Palimpinon and Siit Multipurpose Cooperative for three years on mangrove reforestation and ecotourism. 

calculate your carbon footprint

The Planting

Our methodology

To provide full transparency each tree that is outplanted is photographed and GPS tagged. Once you have purchased a tree, you can actually go find each specific tree. No vague promises. No large overheads.  


Mangrove trees
by the numbers

Trees planted since inception of the program

Spring 2021: We are presently scaling up and building nurseries for saplings. 

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Fight the flood with us

We work tirelessly to save local communities from climate impacts, and we fight as if our survival is at stake. Because it is.

Did you know?

Mangrove forests are the most carbon-dense forests in the tropics.

They contain more than three times as much mean carbon per hectare as land based tropical forests. Plant mangroves to get more bang for your carbon bucks.